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Get your colours ready, be it crayons, coloured pencils, tempera, watercolours… whatever you prefer! Because here you’ll find ready-to-print, ready-to-draw coloring pages. We have all the themes and characters for children. Find the ones you like best, download them, print them out and start colouring!

Coloring pages for kids







The coloring pictures on our Website are categorized. This way, every child can find the one they like best and get to it in the easiest way possible.

You might also like our ( Coming Soon ) children’s stories to read at any time. These are revised and adapted so you can use them with children of all ages. As a complete exercise, imagine reading a fantasy story and then colouring in dragons and unicorns… Sounds good, doesn’t it!

All of these are available for free, because we are aware of all the benefits they offer to little ones and how important they are in the learning process. Don’t wait any longer, we have lots of colouring sheets, search through all the colouring sheets and download your favourite ones to print – you can download as many colouring designs as you like! After that, get all your colouring paints ready, roll up your sleeves (don’t get them dirty) and let’s get to work! With easy colouring pictures for little ones, creativity and fun are guaranteed.

This is an activity that no one involved in a child’s education and development should consider unimportant. Not only does it serve to improve creativity or spatial intelligence, but it is also a way to learn, for example, the multiplication table or the differences between herbivorous and carnivorous animals, it all depends on the imagination we use when designing a fun exercise full of crayons and markers.

This is because colouring is a very important activity for people of all ages, but even more so for young children. Colouring, with different materials (wooden crayons, markers, watercolours, digital paint), painting drawings is an activity that allows children to:

Colouring pictures improve your child’s motor skills

Motor skills (gross and fine) are one of the most important skills a child develops in early childhood. Colouring can be a great help in this process. All the actions, movements and especially the ‘pencil or brush’ movement needed to colour are essential both for developing and strengthening hand and wrist muscles and for developing skills that lead to the ability to write. Even gross motor skills benefit from this activity, reinforcing the skills the child has acquired since learning to crawl and pick up small things with their fingers. The skills that are acquired through painting games, in short, are invaluable.

Printing different pictures for children to colour, either by following their outline or adding extra lines and curves, allows the child to express their creativity and, in fact, is an activity that inspires children to think of new ideas on their own.

Drawing sheets help them recognise colours

One of the first things you want to teach children is to discern, recognise and identify colours. As part of this task, printing out pictures to paint in different colours can be a really interesting way to reinforce ideas that are rather ‘abstract’. It is not the same to tell a child “apples are red” or to take a red marker and colour in a picture of an apple. Colouring makes learning simpler and more meaningful

These drawing sheets pave the way for more beautiful handwriting.

Despite living in a digital world, psychomotor skills are also very important for neat and legible handwriting. Many parents and teachers find it difficult to get school-age children to improve their neat and legible handwriting skills. A better strategy for preparing to learn the skill of writing is undoubtedly colouring in various drawings. The ability to follow a sketch and attempt to color just within it is an excellent preparatory exercise for writing, while also being an enjoyable and fun exercise for children.

Drawing sheets get them ready for school

A fun activity, such as colouring, is a great way to prepare young children for the kind of activities and concentration that being in class requires. Children’s education relies heavily on written work, books, notebooks, exams, all on paper, so working on children’s colouring papers is a way for children to get used to this kind of structure and have fun at the same time.

You can also use other resources such as our short riddles for kids or take a look at the special free educational resources you will find on our website.

These colouring pictures improve hand-eye coordination

Another important psychomotor skill that young children need to develop is coordination. The latter, as well as the ability to focus on one thing, are skills that are developing in a young child. Colouring figures in different shapes is one way in which, while having fun, the child improves these skills. The simple act of picking up pencils or brushes using fingers correctly, choosing colours, selecting a colour and selecting a shape to fill with colour, allows the child to strengthen both concentration and coordination, especially between what they see and what their hands do. Colouring and painting will allow the child to have greater control over his body and actions, which in the future will translate into a greater ability to perform tasks that require dexterity and patience. You will appreciate that there is a selection of beautiful pictures to colour, as at first glance the look of the picture is what motivates the child, although sometimes the more skilled ones look for the more difficult ones too.

These colouring boards relax him

There are many ways a young child can cope with frustration and anger. Their ability to realise they are angry or upset and to react to these emotions is still developing. Colouring sheets can be great therapy for a young child to reduce stress and nervousness. In fact, this technique is so effective that it is also used with adults.

Through colouring pictures we see the individuality of each child

All children are different. So when you give children the same colouring picture, each child will do it differently. Both in terms of the choice of colours, the technique used (some will do it more boldly, others more delicately) and the way they do it, they will all do it differently. For children who are more visual, and for whom colour and shapes will be very important in acquiring different forms of lifelong learning, colouring becomes one of the most interesting and representative ways to express their creativity and individuality.

As we can see, colouring can be a great tool to help develop motor and psychomotor skills in young children, but it is important to remember that there are no developmental guidelines that work for all children. There will be children who will follow the outline exactly when colouring, but there will be others who will improvise more. There are children who choose different colours, and others who, when they start doing this activity frequently, always choose the same colour. It is important to respect the way each child expresses their creativity by colouring in drawings of their choice and with their preferences of shapes, forms and colours. This will allow them to reinforce and build their self-esteem, being more proactive in making decisions and reinforcing the knowledge they have acquired, while having fun at the same time.

Colouring pictures according to children’s level

Colouring is a perfect activity for the little ones in the house, using educational pictures is an advantage in education, especially at an early age. While having fun with colours, it encourages their creativity and imagination, but not only! Painting games help children improve their coordination and concentration. They also support the development of psychomotor skills, organisation and coordination.

Easy colouring pictures

We have all kinds of themes in this compilation that we, have carefully prepared for you: From the fastest vehicles, the most amazing animals or characters from the stories we all love. There’s a whole world to discover, and it’s also available for free online.

Hard colouring pictures

Colouring opens up a huge range of creative possibilities. If children are not restricted, they will improve their expressive, communication and problem-solving skills, which in turn will improve their self-esteem. It is also important to remember that painting helps children to relax and be calm. For these reasons, our Website would like to offer you its children’s drawings to print and colour for free, which are an ideal complement to our games or stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, which you can enjoy for free here.